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  2. BitTorrent tutorial - If you are new to BitTorrent, internets and tubes read this first.
  3. How do I upload to torrentz? - You simply can't, this is a meta-search engine and not a torrent directory.
  4. What is Quality on search pages? - Verified and Good torrents can be found on moderated domains. Any quality includes all know torrents.

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  1. Mozilla Firefox - search for Mozilla and Firefox anywhere in the title and file names
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  4. Mozilla Firefox -beta - search for Mozilla AND Firefox but NOT beta
  5. ^Mozilla - search for titles starting with Mozilla
  6. Linux seed > 100 - search for Linux torrents with more than 100 seeders. Available seed(s,ers)
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Torrentz Facts

  1. is a clone, copycat, successor and replacement of the site
  2. Torrentz is a meta-search engine (aggregator) and a Multisearch. This means we just search other search engines.
  3. Torrentz is a very powerful internet location search tool.
  4. Torrentz is not a torrent cache, torrent tracker nor a torrent directory.
  5. Torrentz does not host or "make available" any files or torrents in any way, shape or form.
  6. Torrentz links to other independent search engines that might host torrent files. We have absolutely no control over those domains.
  7. Indexing process is completely automated. We don't check it. Whatever the stupid bots suck in goes. The good, the bad and the ugly.
  8. Torrent files are simply metadata and cannot be copyrighted.
  9. We don't host torrents, we don't even save torrents for ourselves after the filename and size extraction.
  10. Torrentz is similar to Google.
  11. Torrentz will gladly remove any links at copyright owner's request. Read Takedown Policy below.

Privacy Policy

  1. We do not log.
  2. We are not interested in what you do online.
  3. Corporations running ads are evil. Pure evil.

Takedown Instructions

  1. Remember that this is just a search tool, your content is not hosted here. Please be polite. There is no point in threats.
  2. Please only provide URLs containing info_hash values. (Ex:
  3. Takedowns that do not provide URLs with uniquely identifying info_hash values will take considerably more time to process!
  4. Avoid sending search query URLs. List specific results you want removed.
  5. Use your company/business email. Free mailboxes (AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc) will take more time to process and verify.
  6. Google DMCA Notice if you never done this before.
  7. Send your takedowns in plain text to [javascript protected email address] only. Takedowns sent to ISPs or other addresses might not get filed properly.


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